When pirates tried to board a merchant vessel off the coast of the Philippines, the crew defended their ship like a castle, throwing boiling oil and water at the invaders. They succeeded in fending off the buccaneers, but this battle highlights the variety of desperate, homebrewed anti-pirate measures that some boat crews must employ to prevent capture—or worse.

The incident took place on the 16th of February five miles southeast of Sibago island in the Philippines, in the Celebes Sea. Three pirate motorboats overtook and attempted to board the MV Kudos, a local merchant ship, with ropes and hooks, but were foiled by the crew medieval maritime warfare.

The pirates called off their attack but opened fire on the ship, wounding one crewman who cut his hands on broken glass. gCaptain reports that the Philippine Coast Guard responded to the MV Kudos 1’s distress call, and the injured crewman received medical attention. Philippine navy ships and Coast Guard helicopters equipped with night vision devices rushed to the area, but could not locate the pirates.

The MV Kudos is currently safely anchored in Davos City.

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